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Följ också debatten i utländsk press om museernas roll i framtiden

Längst ned på denna sida hittar Du länkar till föregående års nyhetsrapporteringar: 2004-2009.

EGYPT | asharq alawsat

December 10 | 2010 |

Egypt's Stolen Artifacts Must Be Returned!

By Dr. Zahi Hawass

When the campaign to restore Egypt’s stolen antiquities first began, the world – particularly the archeological community – was surprised by the force of our call and insistence that our stolen artifacts and heritage be returned to us. The initial rallying call for our antiquities to be returned to their homeland was made from the heart of the British Museum, after I was invited to give a lecture there.

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USA | Bloomberg News

December 06 | 2010 |

Greece Offers to Forgo Claim to Ownership of Elgin Marbles, Times Reports

Greece offered to end the long-running dispute with Britain over the Elgin Marbles by saying it would forgo its claim in return for a long-term loan of the artefacts, once a frieze on the Parthenon, the London-based Times reported, citing Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Yeroulanos.

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SVERIGE | SVT - Dokument utifrån

November 21 | 2010 |

Dokumentärfilm om museernas roll i den illegala handeln med antika artefakter

Se filmen på SVT Play >> (till 21 dec.)

www | Youtube

Lord Elgin grew up surrounded by what his ancestors had collected abroad.

Watch on Youtube >>

Lord Elgin describes Broomhall, the family estate in Scotland where he and his ancestors grew up, the place where James Bruce learned about agriculture and commerce and where he returned after serving as Governor General in Canada 1848-54.

Watch on Youtube >>

ENGLAND | The Periscope Post

November 12 | 2010 |

Are art museums guilty of stealing?
Should museums return national treasures to their places of origin?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York announced this week that it is sending 19 items, including a bracelet and a small bronze statue of a dog, excavated from the tomb of of the boy king Tutankhamun, back to Egypt. Art repatriation, it seems, is beginning to pick up steam.

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USA | The Wall Street Journal WORLD

November 11 | 2010 |

Egypt Hunts Ancient Artifacts
New York's Metropolitan Museum Says It Will Give Back 19 Items as Archaeologist Lobbies for Returns


CAIRO—Zahi Hawass, Egypt's larger-than-life antiquities chief, is hunting for treasures from some of the richest known troves—the world's prominent museums.

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USA | Bloomberg

November 10 | 2010 |

Met Museum to Return Tutankhamen's Bronze Dog, Sphinx, Egypt Council Says

By Digby Lidstone

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has agreed to repatriate a collection of ancient Egyptian objects including a lapis-lazuli sphinx that once adorned a bracelet worn by King Tutankhamen, Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities said.

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GREECE | Athens News Agency

November 8 | 2010 |

New Acropolis Museum wins prestigious award

The New Acropolis Museum in Athens has won the British Guild of Travel Writers' (BGTW) prestigious global award for the Best Worldwide Tourism Project for 2010.

The prize was presented to deputy culture and tourism minister Yiorgos Nikitiadis, representing the Greek government, during a ceremony on Sunday night in London.

Nikitiadis thanked the organisers and the voting travel writers, noting that this distinction has opened the door for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their homeland.

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SVERIGE | Världens Historia

November | 2010 |

Athens storhet höggs ut i marmor

By Niels-Peter Granzow Busch

År 447 f.Kr. bestämmer sig athenarna för att bygga ett nytt tempel åt sin skyddsgudinna Athena. Mer än 20.000 ton marmor fraktas till klippan Akropolis där hundratals stenhuggare med makalös precision formar de flera ton tunga blocken till historiens mest perfekta tempel.

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United Kingdom | London

Oktober | 2010 |

Losing our marbles? Who owns culture?
DEBATE: Sunday 31 October, 12.30pm until 1.30pm, Courtyard Gallery Battle for the Past

The ownership of the Parthenon Marbles has been disputed since their removal from Athens in the early 19th century, by Lord Elgin. Some argue the sculptures belong in Greece, where they were carved almost two and a half thousand years go. [...]

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SVERIGE | Stockholm

Oktober | 2010 |


Svenska Parthenonkommittén kallar till Årsmöte lördagen den 30 oktober 2010. Plats: Medelhavsmuseet, Hörsalen. Tid: 13.00-13.30. Efterföljande temaeftermiddag: 13.30-16.00.

Program för temaeftermiddagen >>

Dagordning för årsmötet >>

SVERIGE | Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm

Oktober | 2010 |


Antikens färger med nya ögon

Medelhavsmuseet, 9 oktober 2010 - 30 januari 2011

Guidade visningar 10 okt-27 jan: tisdagar & torsdagar kl 18.30, söndagar kl 13 och kl 15.

Läs mer på museets hemsida >>

United Kingdom | London

London, October 25 | 2010 |


The slogan "Bring them Back" echoed all over the British Museum!

The afternoon of Saturday October 23rd outside the British Museum, was strikingly different to any other. The flashes of the visitors were immortalising not any of the Museums’ stolen exhibits, but rather, the demonstrators standing in the front yard of the Museum, who wearing black t-shirts, holding banners and placards, were conveying the demand of the Hellenes anywhere in the world: "Bring Them Back". [...]

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Watch movie from London on YOUTUBE >>

USA | New York

September 25| 2010 |

Greek Antiquities Return to Greece from New York

By Eleni Bozos

Repatriated from New York, were twenty two (22) silver coins from the area of Abdera and two marble fragments. The antiquities, as a donation to the country of Greece, were delivered to the Consulate General of New York, where they were received by a representative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and were brought by him to Greece. The ancient coins were donated by Dr. Jonathan Kagan and the two marble fragments by the family of Teo Nikolaki and Nikolaos Garbidakis.

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AUSTRALIA | Greek Reporter

September 18 | 2010 |

Greek Australian Writes Storybook: "Building the New Acropolis Museum"

By Apostolos Papapostolou

The book "Building the New Acropolis Museum" is by Niki Dollis and illustrated and designed by Elena Zournatzi. The children’s book tells the story of the realization of a dream. As Niki Dollis mentions in her introduction, it is "a book about hope, expectation… but also hard work for the construction and preparation of the New Acropolis Museum". The storybook is published by Livanis Publishing Organization. Dollis is the Director of Mr. Pantermalis’ office, who is the head of the New Acropolis Museum.

Through the 60 pages of her book Dollis familiarizes young and all readers, with the notion of a museum. It is a very interesting subject to begin with especially when it serves as an open window to the world of ancient Greece, such as the New Acropolis Museum. The images are digitally processed. The texts, graphics and illustrations are dominated by bright colors. The book tells the story of the monument established 2.500 years ago up until the final stage of the construction of the New Museum. It invites the reader to an exciting experience of taking "a walk… in history!" as Niki Dollis writes.

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USA | Kansas City

September 16 | 2010 |

Arguing against Elginism

By Anthony Badami, Opinions Columnist

The view of Athens from atop the Acropolis, more accurately known as the Citadel of Athens, is heart-stirring and breathtaking. The matrix of bleached-white stone which comprises the city below provides an impressive foreground, while the surrounding cerulean sea is pleasant and welcoming in comparison, a description proven even more appropriate as the city's furthest points seem to submerge into the shimmering water. Eyeing the bay, it is as if you are watching a shower of minute diamonds drizzle into an undulating azure pool. All of these wondrous components taken together have the effect of rendering the scene cinema-like. It is truly a view worth seeking.

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AUSTRALIEN | Achaeology News Network Blogspot

September 16 | 2010 |

New legal challenge before the English courts for return of the Parthenon marbles

Under an initiative of AHEPA of NSW and the Greek Australian Committee for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, Greeks of the Diaspora are bound to set up an international fund to finance an action in the English High Court for the return of the Parthenon Marbles. The idea belongs to Victor Bizanis, President of AHEPA of NSW. Below you will find the full article written by Victor Bizanis, published in greekaustralian.com.au.

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IRLAND | Irish Times

20 August| 2010 |

Heaven can wait but Valhalla here to stay

FINDING GERMANY: King Ludwig I’s temple thrusts one into the cold heart of Germany’s 19th-century hero cult, writes DEREK SCALLY

THE TEMPLE perched on the hill over the river Danube is a dead ringer for the Parthenon in Greece – only gleaming white and fully intact.


AFRICA | Modern Ghana

15 August| 2010 |


Columnist: Kwame Opoku, Dr.

Feature Article

This is a question that may surprise many and indeed many may consider it wiser to leave unanswered rather than hazard untenable answers. Michael Kaput has some views on this issue which he expresses in an article entitled, “Whose Heritage? Repatriating ancient treasures seems like a noble cause, but history might end up the loser.” The article has been reproduced in Elginism, a leading website devoted to the question of restitution, especially, the restitution of the Parthenon/Elgin Marbles.

Read the article >>


August| 2010 |

Newsletter from The American Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures

Read the Newsletter >>

AUSTRALIA | The Daily Telegraph

July 12| 2010 |

Ministers lose their marbles

Gemma Jones, Political Reporter

THE state's infrastructure is creaking, public transport is overloaded and the hospital system is sick - but two Government ministers seem more interested in 2500-year-old marbles.


GREECE | Athens News Agency

June 23| 2010 |

New Acropolis Museum celebrates first anniversary

More than two million people have visited the new Museum of the Acropolis during its first year of operation, according to figures presented by the museum to mark the first anniversary since it first opened to the public on June 20, 2009.


AUSTRALIA | Greek Reporter

June 21| 2010 |

New move for return of the Parthenon marbles with a legal challenge before the English courts

By Apostolos Papapostolou

Under an initiative of AHEPA of NSW and the Greek Australian Committee for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, Greeks of the Diaspora are bound to set up an international fund to finance an action in the English High Court for the return of the Parthenon Marbles.
The idea belongs to Victor Bizanis (photo), President of AHEPA of NSW. Below you will find the full article written by Victor Bizanis, published in greekaustralian.com.au.


SHANGHAI | People´s Daily Online

June 11| 2010 |

Athens history exhibit opens in Shanghai

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism will organize a cultural archeological exhibition in the Shanghai Library from June 10 to June 20 with the title "Athens: The Living History."



May | 2010 |

Ancient Greek statues restored with laser developed in Crete

The innovative Greek know-how has played an important role in the fine conservation and restoration of the Ancient Greek statues and artefacts in Acropolis before they were exposed at the New Acropolis Museum.



May 27 | 2010 |

Athens' Parthenon scaffold-free for first time in years

ATHENS (Reuters Life!) - Visitors to Athens have a rare window of opportunity to see the showpiece Parthenon temple on the ancient Acropolis without scaffolding for the first time in nearly 30 years as a major restoration work nears completion.


www | thruthout

May 27 | 2010 |

Is the Parthenon Sculpture a Permanent Hostage at the British Museum?

By Evaggelos Vallianatos

On March 8, 2010, Dyfri Williams, Research Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the British Museum, delivered a lecture on "The Parthenon Sculptures" at the University of Southern California.
Williams justified the holding by the British Museum of the plundered Parthenon treasures.
I found the reasons why the British government refuses to return the Parthenon "marbles" to Greece unacceptable - and not a little insulting.



May 16 | 2010 |


Columnist: Kwame Opoku, Dr.

"You must understand what the Parthenon Marbles mean to us. They are our pride. They are our sacrifices. They are the supreme symbol of nobility. They are a tribute to democratic philosophy. They are our aspiration and our name. They are the essence of Greekness".
Melina Mercouri (1)

(Parthenon Marbles, Greece, now in British Museum, London, United Kingdom).

After a long period of studying the question of restitution of cultural artefacts, I thought I had heard all the arguments that could be advanced for or against restitution. However, I received a jolt of surprise when I saw an article by Michael Kimmelman entitled "Who Draws the Borders of Culture?" in which, among other contestable statements, he wrote concerning the dismemberment of the Parthenon and its scattering outside Greece, the following:

"Over the centuries, meanwhile, bits and pieces of the Parthenon have ended up in six different countries, in the way that countless altars and other works of art have been split up and dispersed among private collectors and museums here and there. To the Greeks the Parthenon marbles may be a singular cause, but they're like plenty of other works that have been broken up and disseminated. The effect of this vandalism on the education and enlightenment of people in all the various places where the dismembered works have landed has been in many ways democratizing."(2)


USA | The New York Times

May 4 | 2010 |

Who Draws the Borders of Culture?


Swarms of visitors see the Elgin marbles daily in the British Museum. The Greeks want them moved to a new museum near the Parthenon, but would their impact be greater there?



May | 2010 |


DOUBTS over Nick Clegg’s commitment to British interests in the EU intensified last night after it emerged he once led a campaign to return the historic Elgin Marbles to his friends in Greece.


SVERIGE | Sveriges Radio P1

17 april | 2010 |

Programmet Konflikt tar upp frågan om vårt kulturarv i "Den stulna historien" med bl.a. reportage från Athen och nya Akropolismuseet.

Lyssna och läs mer >>

UK | Telegraph

7 april | 2010 |

British Museum under pressure to give up leading treasures

By Damien McElroy,
Foreign Affairs Correspondent

The British museum is to come under renewed pressure to give up leading treasures as 16 countries plan to sign a declaration that demands the return of artefacts sent overseas generations ago. The demand, issued in Cairo at the end of a two-day conference, is addressed to every country that holds ancient relics.



April | 2010 |


Watch movie and


| 2010 |


By Constantine Sandis

"Dull is the eye that will not weep to see
Thy walls defaced, thy mouldering shrines removed
By British hands, which it had best behoved,
To guard those relics ne’er to be restored."

Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto XV, 3-6.

Last summer, the New Acropolis Museum in Athens opened its gates, not only to the public but also to a flood of arguments and emotions old and new. The root cause of this commotion lies in the fact that nearly half of the sculptures which originally graced the Parthenon have been residing in the British Museum, ever since they were purchased from the bankrupt Lord Elgin in 1816. Numerous smaller fragments, it is often forgotten, are kept by other museums across Europe.

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| 6 Februari, 2010 |



It is perhaps indicative of the cultural climate of our times that the British Museum and the BBC could announce a programme with a pretentious title such as "A History of the World in 100 Objects".

Read the article >>


| January, 2010 |

The Parthenon Frieze, a unique work of art, is presented in a new website (http://www.parthenonfrieze.gr) which utilizes new technologies to present and elevate cultural content online. This new application, which was carried out by The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism (YSMA-Acropolis Restoration Service, Department of Information and Education) in collaboration with the National Documentation Centre (EKT), is valuable for specialists and the general public alike.

To the website Parthenon Frieze >>

GREAT BRITAIN |timesonline

|15 January, 2010 |

The "new" Parthenon, my new edition?

By Mary Beard

I wrote my little book on the Parthenon about a decade ago. It looked at the material of, and from, the temples in all its different locations -- from the Acropolis itself to the diaspora of the Parthenon in London, Paris, Rome and Wurzburg and other places.

Things have changed a little since then. A small fragment of the Parthenon frieze (and I mean very small) has been sent "back" to Athens from Heidelberg (thanks, largely to a Greek then in the administration of the University of Heidelberg); another, slightly larger piece, has gone back from Palermo.

Läs artikeln >>


| 10 January, 2010 |

Tate show reveals artist's pyramid theft

By Roya Nikkhah, Arts Correspondent

British artist Andy Holden is to reveal how he stole a piece of the Egypt pyramids in a new exhibition at the Tate Britain in London.

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| January, 2010 |


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