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The Times| Comments & Letters

| 9 December, 2008 |

Forgotten Marbles?

Tug-of-war over the Parthenon Marbles

Sir, The suggestion by Professor Buranelli that the Parthenon Marbles "belong to mankind" is aspirational ("Call to unite Parthenon Marbles", Dec 4); that they "lay forgotten on the ground" until Lord Elgin appropriated them is untrue.

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The Times online|

| 4 December, 2008 |

Call to unite Parthenon marbles

Richard Owen

The never-ending tussle between Britain and Greece over the Elgin Marbles should be resolved by creating a pan-European museum in Athens at which all the fragments from the Parthenon would be brought together under a British director, a Vatican offical says.

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| 3 December, 2008 |

Greece Gets Another Piece of the Parthenon

ATHENS—A small marble fragment of the Parthenon frieze was returned to Greece yesterday by a woman who inherited the piece from her grandfather, Reuters reports.

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Athens News Agency |

| 2 December, 2008 |

Parthenon Marbles

Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis on Tuesday addressed an event held at the new Acropolis Museum in honour of three academics who have made great contributions to the effort for the return of the Parthenon Marbles currently held at the British Museum in London.
Tuesday's event at the Acropolis Museum also coincided with the return from Sweden of an architectural fragment taken from the Athens Acropolis, which was returned by an ordinary Swedish citizen who had inherited the fragment from her Austrian grandfather, a soldier during the Second World War. It was returned via the Swedish Committee for the Return of the Parthenon Marbles, which the woman originally contacted.

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| 2 December, 2008 |

Acropolis marble taken by soldier is returned

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece welcomed back on Tuesday a marble fragment from a frieze decorating the Parthenon temple which an Austrian soldier removed during World War Two, but renewed a call for all its stolen treasures to be returned.

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Sveriges Radio | P1 Studio ett

| 2 December, 2008 |

Sten åter till Akropolis

Av Anton Karis

Idag är Martha Dahlgren från Sverige i Aten för att lämna tillbaka en bit marmor som hennes far en gång tog med sig hem som ett minne från Akropolis. Det började med att Marthas dotter såg en dokumentär på TV om en annan sten som lämnats in till Medelhavsmuseet för att så småningom lämnas tillbaka till Grekland. Dottern ringde Martha och sa att, en sådan sten ligger ju i din bokhylla hemma också. Det var Marthas far som tagit hem stenen 1943. Han var då officer från Österrike. Grekland har bjudit in Martha Dahlgren för en överlämningscermoni idag.

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New York Times | online

| 1 December, 2008 |

How Did That Vase Wind Up in the Metropolitan?


Op-Ed Contributor

Los Angeles

THE imminent arrival of Thomas Campbell as the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is much more than a simple changing of the guard after the long tenure of his predecessor, Philippe de Montebello. Mr. Campbell, who will take over one month from today, is a 46-year-old curator from the Met’s department of European sculpture and decorative arts, and he has a unique opportunity to shift the tone of an enduring and increasingly hostile debate in the world of art and museums: Who should own the treasures of antiquity?

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| December, 2008 |


International Association for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures

The International Association for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures believes it is now the correct time for a new and united proposal to be made to Britain by the Greek nation for the Sculptures of the Parthenon currently held in the British Museum to be returned to Greece for exhibition in the New Acropolis Museum.

The International Association has member committees in 15 countries - Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

The International Association wishes to continue to work with and support the Greek Government in its on-going efforts to have the Parthenon Sculptures returned to Greece and congratulates the Government for the successful building of the magnificent New Acropolis Museum. We also congratulate all those involved in recent times in the return of the important sculptural fragments of the Parthenon from Italy, the Vatican, Sweden and Germany.

A new proposal for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures should respect the position of both sides -

:: settlement of the issue should be without prejudice on either side on the issue of title and legal ownership of the Parthenon Sculptures.

:: the Sculptures could be returned by the British Museum as a loan which will be renewable on condition that all the terms of a cultural agreement are complied with.

:: Greece should be prepared to make available reciprocal loans of suitable artifacts from Greek museums for display in the British Museum.

The International Association for the Return of the Parthenon Sculptures believes that any new proposal for the return of the Parthenon sculptures should have the support of the Greek community and be presented with a united voice.

Financial Times | online

| 28 November, 2008 |

A manifesto for the Parthenon Marbles

By Peter Aspden

It stands like a giant modernist spaceship that has belly-flopped by curious accident opposite one of the most important cultural sites on the planet. Polemics and controversy have been hard-wired into its being. It has taken decades in the planning, years in the realisation, and an extra few months beyond its intended inauguration in the fine-tuning. But, finally, the new Acropolis Museum, fresh home to the extraordinary artistic legacy of ancient Athens, is ready to open its doors to the public.

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Föreningen Ekumenisk Hellenism |

| 24 november, 2008 |

Belönade i Grekland

Ett trettiotal personer premierades av Föreningen Ekumenisk Hellenism för sina insatser för ett återförenande av Parthenonfriserna vid en ceremoniell högtid i Piraeus den 24 november 2008. Från Sverige deltog och belönades den Svenska Parthenonkommitténs Hedersordförande Sture Linnér samt kommitténs ordförande Krister Kumlin. De premierade mottog guldkransar vid ceremonin där bortemot 600 människor deltog.

Några av de belönade; herrarna Krister Kumlin och
Sture Linnér ses till höger i bild.

| November, 2008 |

PARTHENON - drömmen om en återskapad helhet

Av Hans-Henrik Brummer, Styrelsemedlem i Den Svenska Parthenonkommittén

TILLBAKA TILL AKROPOLIS! - slagorden lever sedan Melina Mercouri i augusti 1982 vid den internationella kulturministerkonferensen i Mexiko framförde en passionerad vädjan om återförande av Parthenonskulpturerna i British Museum.

(Artikeln har tidigare publicerats i tidskriften Axess nr 8, 2008.)

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ETHNOS | online

| 18 November, 2008 |

Pan-European ... umbrella at the New Acropolis Museum

By Dimitris Deliolanis

The aim is to gather together all the Parthenon Marbles

The New Acropolis Museum should be converted into the first pan-European museum. In this way we can gather all the Parthenon Marbles; bypassing the problematic issue of the return in Greek hands.

This is the proposal of Francesco Buranelli, the Secretary of the Vatican Commission for the Maintenance of Monuments and Cultural Objects. A proposal which comes two weeks after the Vatican Museum lent to the New Acropolis Museum one of the three fragments in its possession.


The proposal will be formulated by Buranelli in detail today in a speech at the Croatian Embassy in the Holy See. But there have been deliberate leaks to start consideration in all the countries involved.
Översättning: Google/Translation

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boston.com |

| 9 November, 2008 |

By Michael Kammen

Golden fleeces

For centuries the West has plundered the treasures of the ancient world; now some nations are fighting back

LOOT:The Battle Over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World
By Sharon Waxman
Times, 414 pp., illustrated, $30

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Athens News Agency |

| 06 November, 2008 |

Vatican returns Parthenon fragment

A fragment of a Parthenon frieze returned to Greece by the Vatican's Museum Gregoriano Etrusco was presented by Culture Minister Michalis Liapis stressing that "this gesture by one of the most important museums in Europe sets an example for others to follow and eventually restore the unity of the Parthenon Marbles".

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CNN| Travel

| 29 October, 2008 |

By Eleni Gage

New Acropolis Museum ready for Marbles

It's an incongruous sight: a super-modern, glass-walled building set at the foot of the ancient Acropolis.
"It has to convince the world that the Elgin Marbles should come back," Tschumi says. "And I believe it will."

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truthdig| drilling beneath the headlines

| 24 October, 2008 |

Book Review

Karl E. Meyer on Sharon Waxman’s ‘Loot’

By Karl E. Meyer

I devoured “Loot: The Battle Over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World” with particular zest, having published in 1973 an earlier account of the same cultural underworld, “The Plundered Past.” A seasoned reporter with an Oxford degree in Middle East studies, Sharon Waxman has updated and surpassed my explorations, in part because the outcry over the illicit traffic has reached fever pitch, provoking voluble, angry and indiscreet utterances from curators, collectors, dealers and a new breed of watchdogs, viz.:

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Athens News Agency |

| 18 October, 2008 |

Karamanlis discusses global crisis with Brown

Karamanlis also took the opportunity to set before Brown Greece's standing demand for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, the campaign for which will acquire a new momentum with the completion of the state-of-the art New Acropolis Museum.

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Telegraph.co.uk |

| 18 October, 2008 |

National galleries to hand back Nazi art

Artworks looted by the Nazis during the Second World War and now held in Britain's national museums and galleries are to be handed back to their owners.

By Jasper Copping

The Tate, the British Museum, and the British Library are all known to hold looted items but are currently prevented by law from giving them back to the families that once owned them.

Now the Government has decided to bring in new legislation to allow the artworks to be moved.

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International Herald tribune |

| 17 October, 2008 |

Greek scientists use lasers to clean Acropolis

By Deborah Kyvrikosaios

In the past two and a half thousand years, the temples of the Acropolis have suffered fire, bombing and earthquake. Now, scientists are trying to save them from a new modern enemy: pollution.

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BalkanTravellers.com |

| 16 October, 2008 |

Greece to Officially Honour Lord Byron

Greece decided on an official day on which it will honour Lord Byron and other foreigners who participated in the war for Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

A decree, signed by Greek President Karolos Papoulias, declared April 19 as the Day of Greekophilia and international solidarity.

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Times Online |

| 14 October, 2008 |

Inside the New Acropolis Museum

Athens finally has a suitable home for the Parthenon sculptures and - British marbles or not - you should go, says Ginny McGrath.

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Athens News Agency |

| 13 October, 2008 |

Modern History of Greece con'f

Foreign minister Dora Bakoyannis noted on Friday the historic ties between Greece and Britain, which celebrate this year their 175th anniversary of diplomatic relations, and stressed as their modern-day "mature and precious" bilateral cooperation, as well as their cooperation as EU partners and NATO allies "in a turbulent and uncertain world", while she also called for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to be housed in the state-of-the-art New Acropolis Museum.

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Svenska Dagbladet |

| 13 Oktober, 2008 |

Sten från tempel åter till Akropolis

Av Sara Haldert

Nu har det hänt igen. Ett privatägt marmorstycke från Akropolis har dykt upp i Sverige. Snart återförs den sällsynta stenen till Aten.

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Den Svenska Parthenonkommittén |

| Oktober, 2008 |


STOCKHOLM Återigen har ett marmorstycke från Akropolis påträffats i Sverige. Det är en privatperson i Göteborg, fru Martha Dahlgren, som gett sig tillkänna och förklarat sig villig att lämna tillbaka sitt innehav till Grekland. Stenen fick hon i arv efter fadern 1965. Återlämnandet kommer att ske vid en ceremoni på Nya Akropolismuseet i Aten tisdagen den 2 december 2008. Det grekiska kulturministeriet med kulturminister Michalis Liapis i spetsen står värd för arrangemanget där också andra återlämnanden av fragment från Akropolis kommer att äga rum.

The First Post |

| 6 October, 2008 |

Greece has the right to the Elgin Marbles

Christopher Hitchens tells Christina Borg why the marbles must be returned to Athens

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The Australian | News

| 4 October, 2008 |

Back to the source

By Ingrid D. Rowland

Comment on the book: "Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle Over Our Ancient Heritage", by James Cuno.
Princeton University Press, 228pp, $US24.95
The encyclopedic museums' argument against repatriation of classical artefacts is self-servingly flawed, writes Ingrid D. Rowland

EARLY this year, the state apartments of the Palazzo del Quirinale hosted a remarkable exhibition of ancient Greek, Roman and Etruscan artefacts, all found on Italian soil but held until recently in museums and private collections in the US, notably the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The exhibition was a diplomatic coup for Francesco Rutelli, the former mayor of Rome, who until April was minister of culture for two years in the left-wing government of Romano Prodi.

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| September, 2008 |


The opening of the New Acropolis Museum

By Matthew Taylor - Architect & Treasurer, Marbles Reunited

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| 28 September, 2008 |


By Kwame Opoku

Artikeln publiceras som en pdf-fil.

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| 28 September, 2008 |


By Kwame Opoku

The "Palermo fragment" is part of the exhibition, "Nostoi", in the New Acropolis Museum.

Italy has returned to Greece, a piece of the Parthenon, "Palermo fragment" which has been missing from Athens for 200 years. The fragment showing the right foot of the Greek hunting goddess Artemis and part of her robe had been in the collection of the Antonio Salinas Archaeological Museum, Palermo, Italy.

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| 24 September, 2008 |

The British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles welcomes the return of the ‘Palermo fragment’ to Athens

YESTERDAY 24 September 2008, the President of the Italian Republic, on a state visit to Greece, brought with him, to present to his Greek counterpart, the ‘Palermo fragment’ from Slab VI of the East Frieze of the Parthenon on the Acropolis at Athens. It had spent more than two hundred years in Sicily, after being acquired by a British consul and passed on to the Salinas Museum in Palermo. It portrays, in exquisite detail, the draped lower leg, ankle and foot of a seated goddess, probably Artemis. It will immediately take its place in an inaugural exhibition of returned artefacts, at the brilliantly-designed New Acropolis Museum.

"On one level, the return of this 2500-year-old piece of sculpture was just a symbol of the friendly alignment of Italy and Greece on a range of political issues. But on another, it has a more immediate significance. Following on the return of the ‘Heidelberg foot’, a somewhat smaller fragment from the Parthenon’s North Frieze, two years ago, and of a piece from another Acropolis temple, the Erechtheion, by a retired Swedish teacher a little later, it looks like part of an inexorable chain reaction. We are looking forward to the news of further returns of Parthenon fragments, from other European museums" concluded Anthony Snodgrass, Chairman for the British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles.

With every such move, the position of the British Museum, holder of by far the largest collection of exiled Parthenon pieces, the ‘Elgin Marbles’, becomes more and more isolated, surrounded as it is by museum curators and statesmen who have come to a different understanding of the ethical and aesthetic arguments. Not only were the so-called ‘Elgin Marbles’ detached, forcibly and destructively, from the building to which they belonged, but they are linked, by dozens of joins, to the other parts of the sculptures that have remained in Athens. To reunite this huge and unsurpassed work of art, on whatever terms are acceptable to the parties involved, is a supreme artistic mission for the present age.

"We congratulate the President and Government of Italy on taking the step in this direction", concludes Anthony Snodgrass.

Professor Snodgrass, Chairman for the BCRPM can be contacted on 01223 313 599 and Hon Secretary for the BCRPM Eleni Cubitt on 020 7226 6686 or email: eleni@parthenonuk.com.

Issued by Marlen Taffarello on behalf of the British Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles, 0208 905 6703 or 07789533791 and marlen@fcdcom.co.uk

Enet| Eleutherotypia

| 24 September, 2008 |

Det första "Elginfragmentet" återbördat via Italien

(I artikeln visas fragmentet på bild)

Läs artikeln på grekiska>>

The Sydney Morning Herald| smh.com.au

| 24 September, 2008 |

Italy returns long lost Parthenon fragment to Greece

Italy has returned to Greece the 'Palermo fragment', a marble piece of the Athens Parthenon missing for nearly 200 years, officials said Tuesday.

The sculpted fragment of the ancient Greek hunt goddess Artemis, part of the eastern Parthenon frieze depicting the twelve gods of Olympus, had been in the collection of the Antonio Salinas Archaeological Museum of Palermo.

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Athens News Agency|

| 23 September, 2008 |

Papoulias meets Italian president

President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias on Tuesday met with his visiting Italian counterpart Giorgio Napolitano.

Papoulias particularly thanked Napolitano for the gesture of the return of a fragment of the Parthenon frieze from Palermo, which he said acquired particular gravity at a time when Greece was seeking the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum.

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The Scotsman |

|17 September, 2008 |

College carves out art grant for its forgotten sculptures


THEY may have been based on some of the world's most famous and bitterly contested works of art, but until recently they were gathering dust in a city cupboard. Now a collection of sculptures, which are one-off copies of the Elgin marbles, are to take pride of place at the Edinburgh College of Art – thanks to a £500,000 makeover.

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| 16 September, 2008 |

Fresh delay for Acropolis Museum

Inauguration of Athens' "ultra-modern" new Acropolis Museum has once again been delayed, Greek authorities announced. The brand-new facility features an empty room reserved for the Parthenon's "Elgin marbles", owned by the British Museum.

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Balkantravellers |

| September, 2008 |

Ancient Greece’s Elgin Marbles Stand at the Centre of a 200-Year Long Great Ado

Text by Ekaterina Petrova

During his term as British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire at the turn of the nineteenth century, Thomas Bruce, Seventh Earl of Elgin, already knew his actions were controversial and that he might go down in history as a “vandal.” But he most likely did not anticipate that, 200 years on, the heated international dispute he caused would continue to rage with full force.

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Athens News Agency |

| 16 September, 2008 |

Exhibition at Acropolis museum

The Culture ministry will be organising the "Nostoi" exhibition at the New Acropolis Museum in the framework of the Italian President's visit to Athens.

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AP Associated Press |

| 12 September, 2008 |

Hungary to return looted antiquities to Greece


ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Hungary has offered to return a collection of antiquities on display in a leading Budapest museum that were illegally exported from Greece, the Hungarian foreign minister said Thursday.

Kinga Goncz said Greek and Hungarian experts would meet to study the 22 pieces and discuss which would be repatriated.

"We are ready to return these artifacts," she said.

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Kathemerini |

| 4 September, 2008 |

Dimitris Papaioannou will be the Director of the opening beneath the Temple of the Acropolis Rock

By Dimitris Rigopoulos

Four years after the triumphant reception of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of Athens, Dimitris Papaioannou has the opportunity to link his name with another great moment for Athens and Greece: the opening of the New Acropolis Museum.

Läs artikeln (på grekiska) >>


| 3 September, 2008 |

Greece gets antiquities back from U.S. collector

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece celebrated on Wednesday the return of two rare smuggled antiquities from a prominent U.S. collector and expressed hope other ancient Greek treasures housed overseas would one day be sent home.

A fourth century B.C. bronze vase and the upper part of a marble tombstone were returned by U.S. collector Shelby White in August, a year after the Culture Ministry started lobbying to get them back on evidence they had been smuggled out of Greece.

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Times online.com |

| August 29, 2008 |

Legality of Earl of Elgin’s acquisition challenged by scholar Dalya Alberge, Arts Correspondent

The new Acropolis Museum may prove to be the most lavishly appointed white elephant in history. Nothing will change the view of the British Government that the intended centrepiece, the magnificently sculpted Elgin Marbles, must remain permanently in the British Museum.

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Times online.com |

| 28th August 2008 |

By Marcus Binney, Architecture Correspondent

Athens welcomes the ghost of Phidias to new rooftop gallery

The new rooftop gallery built to display the Parthenon marbles is one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in modern architecture.

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Spectator |Acropolis now

| 27th August 2008 |

By Henry Sands

Henry Sands says Athens’s new museum is missing its Marbles

We have come to understand that missing sections from museum displays of ancient sculpture are the inevitable result of parts breaking off and becoming lost to the world. But at the New Acropolis Museum in Athens we know exactly where to find the stones that would fill those accusatory gaps.

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Wallpaper | Architecture

| August 2008 |

Bernard Tschumi Q&A exclusive

By Ellie Stathaki

After nearly 30 years of planning, and eight years since the international competition was launched for the project, the New Acropolis Museum in Athens is ready: the collections are carefully being moved in as we speak, and the official opening is expected with much anticipation towards the end of the year.

Read the interview >>

Spero News |

| Friday, August 01, 2008|

A vision for the new Acropolis Museum

By Danylo Hawaleshka

The museum at the Acropolis is no mere shell. According to architect Michael Photiadis it was designed from "the inside out" to highlight the artifacts over architectural considerations.

It somehow seems fitting that a museum built to showcase the architectural legacy of a temple honouring the warrior goddess Athena should itself be the outcome of numerous battles, some as yet unresolved.

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Bloomberg.com |

| July 28, 2008 |

Acropolis Museum Awaits Missing Body Parts, Held in London

By A. Craig Copetas

-- At Athens's New Acropolis Museum, the most popular exhibit is in London.

That absent art would be what the Greeks label the Parthenon Marbles, the British brand the Elgin Marbles and what the sculptor Greg Wyatt reckons are history's most important and fought-over examples of priceless classical sculpture.

"Those marbles are ultimate masterpieces," says Wyatt, artist-in-residence at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York. "They tell a consequential story."
And it's a long story.

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ModernGhana.com |

| July 11, 2008 |


By Dr. Kwame Opoku

Ben Macintyre's article Let's all have tickets to the universal museum, in Timesonline, July 10, 2008, is one of those articles appearing regularly in European newspapers and Western media generally, appearing to espouse an internationalism and a universalism that, at first sight would appeal to many persons. However, on reflection, one realizes that, perhaps without consciously desiring to do so, they propagate a very narrow vision of the world and are generally oblivious of the needs and feelings of other peoples and cultures in the world. They are conveying what their education and environment, intellectual and physical, enable them to comprehend and to appreciate.

Read the article >>

The Times

| July 10, 2008 |

Let's all have tickets to the universal museum
It's pointless trying to work out who owns ancient art objects. We need to share them around the world

By Ben Macintyre

The visitors pouring through the doors of the British Museum represent the triumph of an idea born in the white intellectual heat of the Enlightenment - as valuable today as it was 250 years ago when the museum first opened, but now under attack, despite its fabulous success, as never before.

Read the article >>

| July 2008 |

Blog av Dorothy King (PhDiva) som publicerar kopior av Lord Elgins brev ur St Clair Archive.
Även unika bilder från Aten.

PhDiva blog >>


| July 9, 2008 |


The campaign for the return of the Elgin marbles to Greece has moved up a gear with the appointment by Marbles Reunited of a full-time Campaign Director, Thomas Dowson, who will be based in the organisation's office in the West End of London. The appointment of Thomas was warmly welcomed by Andrew George MP, Chairman of Marbles Reunited.

Says, Andrew George, "When the New Acropolis Museum opens later this year, the absence of the marbles will be obvious for all the world to see. The British Museum and the British Government could of course continue dragging it out, but that will look excruciatingly embarrassing as it would send out an undesirable impression of Britain's arrogance. We have appointed a Campaign Director to up our profile, to enable an alternative dialogue between Greece and Britain. Thomas Dowson has a fine pedigree and the energy to see a job through."

| July 8, 2008 |

Restore the Parthenon Marbles

by Nicolas Mottas

"We say to British goverment: you have kept those sculptures for almost two centuries. You have cared for them as well as you could, for which we thank you. But now, in the name of fairness and morality, please give them back. I sincerely believe that such a gesture from Great Britain would ever honour your name". Melina Mercouri, Greek actress and politician, Oxford Union, June 1986.

With pleasure I was informed that the British-based Greek enterpreneur Sir Stelios Hadji-Ioannou is willing to participate actively in the campaign for the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles. The case of Marbles reunification's effort is, less or more, known. Information about the historical backround of the ancient sculptures, their removal from the Athens Acropolis and transfer to London, can be found in various sources, including the internet. On that issue there has been a decades-long concern which is connected with the restoration of the Marbles to their homeland, Greece.
However, as it is mostly known, no progress has been done on the issue, mainly due to the continual denial of British Museum's administrations to discuss such a possibility. Yet, the question still remains: should the Parthenon Marbles return to their natural environment, in the place where they were created, or they should remain in the place where Lord Elgin moved them in the early 19th Century?

Read the article >>

| July 2008 |

Videofilm (på grekiska) om Parthenonskulpturerna och strävandena att återförena dem i Aten. Unika, filmade intervjuer med Melina Mercouri bl.a.

Se filmen >>

| July 2008 |

Event in London

A great event occurs on July 5th in front of the British Museum associated with the return of the marbles to Greece. The event is held by a nonprofit organization, known as "Marbles with an Attitude". This is their 5th event since their foundation in 1999.

For more information please visit >>

| June 24, 2008 |

Stelios Haji-Ioannou - easyCruise chairman - talks to BBC Breakfast television about the Parthenon Marbles.

See the video >>


June 15, 2008 |

EasyJet founder gets Elgin marbles campaign rolling

By Liz Longden

THE multi-millionaire founder of easyJet, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, is set to launch a personal campaign for the reuniting of the Elgin marbles.

The controversial marble sculptures, which have been at the centre of a diplomatic dispute between Britain and Greece for decades, are split between the British Museum in London and the New Acropolis Museum in Athens.

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The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia |

June 15, 2008 |


The Parthenon and its artifacts provide a rich background for 'Stealing Athena'

By Kathy Habel

A VISIT TO THE British Museum provides an awesome view of some of the most beautiful sculptures of ancient Greece, the controversial marble works of the Parthenon. To understand how this collection came into the hands of the British, one only has to read, "Stealing Athena," the newest novel by Karen Essex, which centers on two fascinating women involved with the construction and destruction of the Parthenon.

Läs artikeln >>

ModernGhana.com |

June 8, 2008 |


By Dr. Kwame Opoku

Feature Article

In order to deny States the right to control excavations on their land and to prevent them from claiming ownership of artefacts found in their countries, James Cuno, Director of the Art Institute of Chicago, in his new book, "Who owns antiquity? Museums and the battle over our ancient heritage", goes so far as to deny any continuity between the peoples of present States and those of ancient civilizations. He denies that the present-day Egyptians have any links with ancient Egyptians.

Läs artikeln >>

Newstatesman |

June 5, 2008 |

The New Statesman reviews Cuno's & Hitchen's new books

Losing our marbles?

By Robin Simon

It is one of the most controversial issues in the art world today - should museums disperse their collections and return antiquities to their original sites? In particular, should the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum be restored to Athens?

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June 4, 2008 |

New Guidelines for Collecting Antiquities

2008 NEW YORK — After a year and a half of discussions, the Association of Art Museum Directors has announced new guidelines for collecting antiquities, reports the New York Times. The new policy uses 1970, the year UNESCO ratified a landmark convention prohibiting trade in illegal antiquities, as its starting point, saying a museum "normally should not" acquire a work unless it has solid proof that the object was outside of its country of probable modern discovery before 1970, or that the object was legally exported from its country of probable modern discovery after 1970.

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Kathemerini |

June 2, 2008 - Archive |

Facelift could save landmarks

Dozens of Greek and foreign architects have responded to a bid by local experts to provide a "facelift" to two historic buildings on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street which face demolition as they partially obstruct the view of the Parthenon from the New Acropolis Museum.

Läs artikeln >>

Telegraph |

30|05|2008 |

easyCruise's cut-price Odyssey

By Max Davidson

Davidson joins the lastest ship from easyCruise for its maiden voyage around the Aegean – and is pleasantly surprised. Just don’t mention the breakfast.

easyCruise's kryssningsfartyg i Piraeus hamn våren 2008

På fartygssidan: "Återförena
Parthenonmarmorn"; easyCruise's
ägare har tagit ställning
i Parthenonfrågan!

Foto: Inger Eriksson

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Athens News Agency |

May 29, 2008 |

Exhibition on new Acropolis Museum

An exhibition on the construction and exhibits of the new Acropolis Museum was inaugurated at Athens international airport on Tuesday by Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis and Transport Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.

Entitled "The New Museum of the Acropolis - Soon a new destination" the exhibition gives visitors from every country a foretaste of the new museum that is expected to open its doors to the public in the autumn.

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Athens News Agency |

May 29, 2008 |

Bill for new Acropolis Museum

A draft bill for the foundation of the new Acropolis Museum was unveiled on Thursday by Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis, who said the new museum would be a public sector legal institution with financial and administrative autonomy.

"The new museum will operate under the strict control and supervision of the culture ministry but its legal form will allow it to maintain the necessary safety distance from both the private sector and the traditional public sector, so that it will be more efficient in managing the role that has been assigned to it," the minister said in a press conference.

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May 2008 |

Preview of Acropolis Museum

New Acropolis chairman Professor Dimitrios Pandermalis gives the BBC's Malcolm Brabant a special tour around Greece's new museum.

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May 6, 2008 |

New home for Greece's holy grail

By Malcolm Brabant
BBC News in Athens

The Acropolis Museum is now just months away from entering service in Greece's struggle with its most implacable cultural adversary.

Its priceless treasures lie in marble halls, hidden from view in giant removal boxes.

A mock-up of the Parthenon sculptures, bathed in clear, natural Aegean light, stares out towards the Parthenon temple itself, 500 metres away. This may be just a building, but it is also a weapon in a polite, but bitter psychological war.

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Charles Darwins university | Australia

29 April 2008 |

Battle over 'Marbles' spans two centuries

Charles Darwin University will hold a free public lecture this week presenting, "The global campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles".

The founder and chairman of the International Organising Committee Australia for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles, Mr Emanuel J. Comino will speak about his campaign to return the "world’s greatest single collection of classical Greek sculptures" to Greece.

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The Ottawa Citizen | Canada

April 26, 2008 |

Red tape likely to delay Elgin artifacts display Library and Archives' acquisitions yet to receive OK from Britain

By Paul Gessell, The Ottawa Citizen

Library and Archives Canada held a news conference yesterday to announce it has acquired, through a combination of donation and purchase, thousands of personal letters, state documents, paintings and other artifacts owned by Lord Elgin, governor general from 1847-1854.

The announcement was somewhat premature. Britain still has not given the green light for the export of all the loot.

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Artknows blogspot | comment and opinion on art and its markets

April 22, 2008 |

Mr Cuno takes the gloves off

A blog by Tom Flynn

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Athens News Agency |

April 21, 2008 |

Ancient lekythos returned

Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis on Monday officially presented an ancient marble oil flask or lekythos dating from the 4th century B.C. that was returned to Greece from a private collection in Switzerland, at a press conference held at the National Archaeological Museum.

The procedure to repatriate the ancient artifact was completed last Thursday and in a few days it will be taken to the museum's conservation workshops, where it will remain for two months.

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kathemerini.com |

Thursday April 10, 2008 |

Parthenon restoration up a gear

The restoration of the pollution-ravaged friezes of the Parthenon is set to gather pace, with the removal of a further 17 metopes from the Athens landmark for cleaning, the Culture Ministry’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS) said yesterday.

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africanpath.com |

April 09, 2008 |

Africa: The Crown Affair

By Melford Ita

A documentary film scheduled for release soon will raise key issues over Article 11 of the UNESCO 1970 Convention on cultural objects taken across borders.

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Modern Ghana.com |

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 |


By Dr. Kwame Opoku

For those who are hoping that the British Museum may reconsider its position on the Parthenon/Elgin Marbles and adopt a position closer to the views of the United Nations and UNESCO and thereby contribute towards an acceptable solution to this decades-long dispute on the Parthenon Marbles, the statement issued by the British Museum almost a year ago, on 21 April 21 2007, must serve as a warning that such a change is not on the horizon. The recent Athens Conference on the Return of Cultural Objects to their Countries of Origin has not elicited any new statement on the policy of a museum which claims to serve the whole world. We comment briefly on some aspects of the statement.

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Hellenic Republic |

World Media on Greece - Acropolis and the Parthenon Marbles |

With report on the Return of cultural property con'f

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Athens News Agency |

March 20, 2008 | - Archive

Return of cultural property con'f

An international 2-day conference on the timely issue of "Return of Cultural Property to its Country of Origin" began at the New Acropolis Museum of Athens on Monday.

Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis welcomed delegates -- which include attorneys, museum curators, archaeologists, academics and art experts -- to the conference, organised by the Greek culture ministry in cooperation with UNESCO.

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kathemerini.com |

March 18, 2008 | - Archive

Greek push for return of Marbles

Changes in museum policies and an increase in instances of cooperation between different countries for the repatriation of looted artifacts could pave the way for the return of the Parthenon Marbles, Culture Minister Michalis Liapis told an international conference in Athens yesterday.

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AFRIK.com |

March 13, 2008 |

Experts discuss return of cultural property in Athens

Lawyers, museum professionals, archaeologists, academics and cultural property experts will meet in Athens, Greece, 17-18 March for an international conference on the Return of Cultural Property to its Country of Origin, according to a UNESCO statement, made available to panapress Thursday.

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March 13, 2008 |

When does ill-gotten booty become legitimate cultural property?

By Michael Kimmelman

European spoils of war have often included cultural relics and art pieces, but it remains unclear when they should be returned to their countries of origin.

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ÅRSMÖTE 1 mars 2008 |

Den Svenska Parthenonkommittén inbjuder till Årsmöte lördagen den 1 mars kl. 13.00 på Medelhavsmuseet. Alla medlemmar i kommittén hälsas varmt välkomna.

Kl. 14.00 följer öppna föreläsningar. Medlemmar och övriga intresserade är varmt välkomna.

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27 February 2008 |


Greek Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis held a meeting in Beijing with Chinese Deputy Culture Minister and President of the Cultural Heritage Protection Authority Jixiang Shan on Tuesday. A cooperation memorandum was signed between the two countries during the meeting on cracking down on antiquities smuggling.

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CCTV.com | China

Greece culture year continues

27 February 2008

Just a few days after the end of the Spring Festival holidays, the Culture Year of Greece in China has returned to Beijing.

The exhibition at Hellenic House gave people in Beijing a preview of the new museum in Athens. The museum was constructed to house the famous exhibits from the site of the Acropolis, Athens' most famous landmark. Visitors are able to see cast copies of the west frieze of the Acropolis, as well as the Parthenon, and a photographic presentation of the New Acropolis Museum.

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VIDEO-filmen Parthenon Marbles Battle |

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ABC News Australia |

24 February 2008 AEDT |


By Europe correspondent Jane Hutcheon

Cambridge University has debated the contentious issue of returning the Parthenon Sculptures, otherwise known as the Elgin Marbles, to Greece.

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21 February, 2008 |


By Richard Lacayo

Over the past few months, I made what you could call a farewell tour, except I wasn't the one going away. What I did was set out to bid goodbye to a few favorite works of art that would soon be departing the U.S. for good. First I headed to California and the Getty Villa in Malibu, a museum devoted to the ancient Greeks, Etruscans and Romans. I wanted a long last look at its statue of a goddess from the 5th century B.C. Scholars are divided over just which goddess she represents, but whoever she is, at 7.5 ft. (2.3 m) tall, she's a formidable woman, one of the most powerful works in the Getty's rich collection.

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cbc.com |

20 February, 2008 |


Greece says long-delayed new Acropolis museum will open in September

ATHENS, Greece - A long-delayed new museum in Athens where Greece hopes to reunite its ancient Acropolis masterpieces with Britain's Elgin Marbles will open in September, officials said Wednesday.

Culture Minister Michalis Liapis said finishing the glass and concrete building was a "national challenge" and would boost Greece's campaign to wrest the 5th century B.C. sculptures from the British Museum.

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19 February 2008 |

The Cambridge Union yesterday held a much publicised debate on the subject: This House would return the Parthenon Marbles to the New Acropolis Museum in Athens. The results were as follows:

In favour: 117
Against: 46

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18 February 2008 |

Cambridge Union debate on the return of the Parthenon marbles to Greece

"This House would return the Parthenon Marbles to the New Acropolis Museum in Athens."
Participiating in the debate among others will be the Greek Cypriot businessman Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.

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The Boston Globe | boston.com

10 February 2008 |

By Drake Bennett

Finders, keepers
As museums ship ancient treasures back to the countries where they were found, some are now saying: Enough.

ON THE FIRST floor of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, in the early Greek art galleries, there is a long display case filled with Athenian ceramics. In one corner, partway up the linen backing, are two holes, a couple of inches apart, where a shelf holding a small, 2,500-year-old oil flask was once attached. Upstairs, in the Imperial Roman galleries, a group of marble busts and statues has been rearranged after the departure of a 6-foot-tall marble statue of the Roman empress Sabina. Ten Greek pots and one carved marble fragment from Imperial Rome are also gone from the museum's collection.

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9 February 2008 |

Forget the intellectual snobbery - just make culture exciting

Comment & analysis | Letters

From Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Sir, I found Peter Aspden's piece "A debate that could make you lose your marbles" (February 2/3) a little too elitist for this day and age. First, the only Socratic irony I have found so far is that I read this piece on the screen of my BlackBerry as I was leaving the new Acropolis museum in Athens. [...]

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1 February 2008 |

The Greek Ministry of Culture proposed a law to regulate various rights regarding Greek unmovable and movable cultural monuments.

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Friday , 29 January 2008 |

Disputes on Stolen Art Bring Up Complex Legal and Cultural Issues
Museums and governments are negotiating these complex issues around the world.

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Friday , 25 January 2008 |

A dispute carved in marble

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Royal Collage of Art London

Double Take Architecture Talk

Series of talks looking at the crossover between architecture and film. John Maybury (pictured) began his career as an artist, experimental filmmaker, and influential music-video director. Yet he was to achieve cult acclaim as a director with his 1998 film about Francis Bacon, ‘Love is The Devil’. His next film, ‘The Edge of Love’, is about the poet Dylan Thomas and stars Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley.

Bernard Tschumi’s numerous writings continue to shape a whole generation of young architects. He successfully drew together theories of film and architecture through projects like the Manhattan Transcripts. He is currently completing the New Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece.

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Nya Akropolismuseets webbplats finns nu tillgänglig på Internet.

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Saturday January 12, 2008 |

International treasure

As director of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philippe de Montebello, paved the way for resolving scandals over stolen antiquities.

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Saturday January 12, 2008 - Archive |

President Papoulias’s first visit to the New Acropolis Museum

The Caryatids welcome a distinguished guest in their new home, as all thoughts go to the sixth of the group.

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The New Zealand Herald

Monday, 07 January, 2008 |

Maori head a pawn in larger game

There seemed nothing particularly unusual when the mayor of a Normandy city decided that the tattooed, mummified head of a Maori warrior should be given back to New Zealand. It would, said Pierre Albertini, be a gesture of spiritual healing and repugnance at the colonial-era trade in human artefacts. More than 30 institutions worldwide have reacted the same way since this country began seeking the return of indigenous human remains in 1992. Last year, for example, Scotland's Aberdeen University handed back nine preserved and tattooed heads of Maori warriors.

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07 January, 2008 |

Whose king (rook, pawn, knight etc) is it anyway?


ROOM Two of the British Museum in London, visited by five million people a year, is home to the medieval Europe collection. It includes treasures such as the Limoges casket from France, an ivory triptych from Byzantium, and an early English citole, or guitar. Then there are 24 of the Lewis chessmen, dug up in a Scottish sand dune nearly two centuries ago.

The British Museum holds 82 of the 93 Lewis chessmen, one of Scotland's most famous archeological finds. It shows another 34 in room 42, alongside Viking artefacts like the famous Sutton Hoo hoard of armour and treasure. Another 24 are behind closed doors, viewable by appointment. Some have just returned from a loan to Hong Kong.

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